Influence of Spiritual intelligence on Happiness and Well being: A Review

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K Jos Stiliya
Navya Pandey


Mental health is an ineluctable topic of conversation during unprecedented pandemic or natural
disasters. Studies show that improving Spiritual intelligence (SI) can improve everyone’s mental health.
Problem-solving, meaning and purpose in life, overall well-being, resilience, and good intrapersonal
and interpersonal relationships are all areas where spiritual intelligence can be employed. As Spiritual
Intelligence is a key part of every human being, it focuses on numerous good results. SI is sometimes
known as a spiritual quotient. Spiritual intelligence has an inevitable role in the life of every individual.
It influences all stages of existence and increases mental health for one’s personal and professional
progress. SI is also a helpful tool for a healthy lifestyle since it helps people to cope with stressful
situations and recover from traumatic events. This article concludes that students, employees, and
professionals need spiritual intelligence training to deal with challenging situations. Self-awareness
and spiritual intelligence can be nurtured through mindfulness, psychotherapy, yoga, meditation, and
psychoeducation. The necessities of psychological interventions are unavoidable in this present pandemic
situation. Many research studies stress the importance of mental health and the need for appropriate
mental health interventions.

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Stiliya, K., & Pandey, N. (2022). Influence of Spiritual intelligence on Happiness and Well being: A Review. Mind and Society, 11(02), 121-128.
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