Awareness about IPR and its upcoming challenges regarding Digital Contents

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Indu Sadhwani
Abha Sinha


This paper introduces the reader the idea behind protection of the IPRs; deals with their significance in the contemporary period. In the era of rapid technological advancements and the pervasive digitization of information, the awareness surrounding Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) has become paramount. This paper delves into the intricate tapestry of intellectual property rights with a specific focus on digital contents. As the digital landscape evolves, so do the challenges and complexities associated with safeguarding intellectual creations. The study explores the current state of awareness among creators, consumers, and stakeholders regarding intellectual property rights in the digital realm. It investigates the existing mechanisms for protecting digital content and analyzes their effectiveness. Additionally, the paper sheds light on the dynamic nature of intellectual property challenges arising from the continuous innovation in digital platforms and the increased accessibility of content. By synthesizing insights from legal, technological, and socio-economic perspectives, this paper aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the awareness levels surrounding intellectual property rights concerning digital contents. The findings contribute to the ongoing discourse on policy formulation, legal frameworks, and educational initiatives aimed at fostering a robust and adaptive environment for intellectual property rights in the digital era

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Sadhwani, I. ., & Sinha, A. . (2023). Awareness about IPR and its upcoming challenges regarding Digital Contents. Mind and Society, 12(04), 65–68.


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Study Material – Professional Progeramme, Intellectual property rights – Laws and Practices, Module 3, The institute of Company Secretaries of India